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Post Public Library

Who We Are

The Post Public Library was presented to the citizens of Garza County, Post, TX. February 1974. Until 1974 the only library in town was in the local high school. A building was donated to house a public library for the community. The Post Public library was officially organized in 1974 when the Friends of the Library moved the adult books from the Post High School Library, became trustees, built shelving, organized the facility, created a Library Advisory Board and hired a librarian.

Currently the library system holds over 15,600 items. People enter the library to utilize free computer access through the Library’s fiber-optic connection and WiFi. They may also purchase weeded books and audio-books, take free trade paperbacks or library card holders may check out their favorite fiction and nonfiction books and audio-books. Card holders may also enroll in the e-book consortium provided by the library. We have magazines and the local newspaper available for in-library reading. A copy machine for printing, scanning and FAX purposes is available to the public with a small fee.

                                         Welcome to the Public Library!

Our Mission

Preserving the right to read, encourage life long learning and freedom to seek information will build our community and enrich our lives. Thus comes the mission and goal from the Post Public Library.